Covid-19 Policies

Safety Protocols and Policies

Dear Guests,

As safety measure are starting to be lifted, we still feel most comfortable erring on the side of safety. While New York State no longer requires masks indoors for those that have been vaccinated, if all guests are not vaccinated, we will still require masks in our common areas. If you cannot or do not wish to wear a mask, regrettably we will be unable to accept your reservation. If it is determined that all guests are vaccinated, we can ditch the mask. Your innkeeper and the majority of our employees have been vaccinated.

To ensure our guests “Stay Safe.”, we are following guidelines set forth by a variety of experts including New York State Travel Guidelines (, the CDC and the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Please assist us by keeping yourselves, other guests, our staff and myself safe during your stay.

We have added ionizers ( in our upstairs and downstairs furnaces. Our fan is always on, circulating positive and negative ions in the air that kill the Coronavirus as well as purify the air. We also have an IQAIR Health Pro Plus ( in our Gathering and Dining Rooms. This is a hospital-grade air purifier with a Hyper Hepa filter. We are also using an eMist ( electrostatic mister throughout the common areas daily and in guest rooms when we turn rooms around. Our primary disinfectant, Oxivir tb (, is used in hospitals and doctors’ offices. And in our kitchen we are using Bioesque (

When making a reservation, you will be required to agree to and accept our Covid-19 policies.

Please use the Purell hand sanitizers placed throughout the Inn.

– Prior to entering the Inn when using our doorbell and door handles.

– Prior to opening the hospitality and common fridge/ice machine areas.

Please wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

While our breakfast service has changed, our quality remains the same. We will be seating outside in our gardens, weather permitting. If the weather does not cooperate, we will serve indoors and maintain six feet distance between guests not traveling together. We will either be seating all guests inside, or all guests outside. We do not have enough staff of service both inside and outside. Each area will have it’s own coffee pot and other breakfast related item items. Please use only those items at the table you will be sitting at. We will still be serving a multi-course breakfast at 9:00 am as usual. Tables will be cleared once guests have departed. Your server may or may not be wearing a mask depending on vaccination status of guests and your server.

Your room/suite has been sanitized prior to your stay. We are using a CDC approved cleaning solutions. Special attention is being paid to high touch areas in public spaces. Of course, your assistance in using the hand sanitizers located throughout the Inn and washing your hands will help your fellow guests “Stay Safe.”

All staff have received Covid-19 safety training as well as comprehensive sanitation protocol training, following recommendations from the CDC. Our employees are largely comprised of high school aged women. Please keep these ladies in your thoughts when keeping good hygiene.

We currently do not offer housekeeping during your stay. If you require new towels, please place your used towels in the white, mesh laundry bag hanging in the closet, place them outside your door and let your innkeeper know you need new towels. We will place those fresh towels at your door in a fresh laundry bag. Despite the increased laundry we are now required to do, it is even more important if you can assist us in our efforts to be “green” by using your towels more than once.

You may wish to bring your own bed pillow. We will have either feather or hypoallergenic pillows on the bed and those pillows will have been encased in a pillow protector and a pillow case.

We have removed many items from our rooms to ensure safe cleaning protocol. As restrictions are eased, we are slowly returning some items to your room. If you feel you are missing something, just ask. We have items sanitized and ready for you should you need them. There is a laminated list of items available in your room.

If you should fall ill prior to your stay and are experiencing a fever, sore throat, cough or trouble breathing, please let us know. We will be happy to provide a credit towards a future stay.

If you should fall ill while staying with us, please let us know immediately so that we may take appropriate action based on CDC guidelines.

In the past, we have welcomed your 5-star reviews and will do so again. Positive reviews often help our business. During these times, we ask that you be understanding and sympathetic of the strides we are taking to ensure your safety. We have had to trade some of our more personal touch points for the health and safety of all. Of course, if something is amiss, please let us know immediately so that it may be remedied.

Happily, we are beginning to hug again… of course, with permission and with vaccinated guests. It feels so good.

Please call the Innkeeper at (585) 229-2834 if you need anything. Calling is the best way to insure timely attention.