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Let It Snow… In April In Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Expecting a foot a snow in the Bristol Hills on Monday night. Where was it this past winter? I wonder what will happen to the gardens at the 1795 Acorn Inn? The poor tulips and bleeding hearts. I wish I could save them but I fear not. Of course, the weather forecasters always exaggerate. Hey, maybe I can go cross country skiing this year…

Debating whether to put the plow on. Still closed Monday through Wednesday for two more weeks so… no guests. I think not then.

Spring in March?

Monday, March 19th, 2012

March 19. The crocus are blooming. The hyacinth have buds. The day lilies are already six inches high. The tulips and daffodils are next. Hard to believe it was April 8 last year when I blogged about spring arriving in upstate New York’s Finger Lakes.  It really did hardly feel like we had a winter though.









Well, check out our Packages Page for great values in April, May and June. In my opinion, May and June are two of the best months to visit the area. The weather is usually sunny with a cool breeze. It’s not too crowded. And the flowers are in full bloom. I hope to see you soon at the 1795 Acorn Inn.

Upstate New York’s Seneca Lake

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

In celebration of Lynne’s Birthday, we took off on Saturday afternoon for a little wine tasting and dinner on the East side of Seneca Lake. We all thoroughly enjoyed our wine tasting at Damiani Wine Cellars.  I purchased the Pinos Gris and the Merlot.  With a breathtaking view of the lake, great wine and fabulous friends to taste with, life doesn’t get much richer.

We followed up our wine tasting with a celebratory dinner on the deck at Red Newt Bistro.  We started with an appetizer of the housemade ravioli filled with della cotta squash and fresh chevre served with pecan butter.  Then enjoyed the local organic spicy greens with Lively Run Cayuga Blue cheese, toasted almonds and an apple cider vinaigrette.  I savored the pan-seared, herb-crusted halibut served with a porcini mushroom risotto and completely agree that the Heart and Hands 2009 Pinor Noir makes a wonderful wine pairing.  Oh, and of course, the chocolate cheesecake was the perfect finish to a wonderful culinary experience.  Guess life could get richer.

The weather this time of the year is simply gorgeous.  The leaves are starting to change making it feel like Fall is just around the corner.  The Finger Lakes scenery is amazing. Throughout the day and as we made our way back to the 1795 Acorn Inn we all agreed… we live in a spectacular part of the county and we need to see more of it.

Watkins Glen State Park Gorge – Simply Gorgeous

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

This past Labor Day Weekend I had the pleasure of hiking the Gorge in Watkins Glen State Park in upstate New York’s Finger Lakes. Only took seven years, but eventually I had the opportunity to escape for a few hours and on a holiday weekend no less.

The power of Mother Nature

Pure Peace

Located about an hour’s scenic drive from the 1795 Acorn Inn, the Gorge is nothing short of amazing. On one of the hottest and most humid days of the year, the Gorge was surprisingly cool and comfortable. Actually it was probably one of the coolest places to be.

One should be in relatively good shape for this hike as there are over 800 steps. Towards the end of the first half of the hike, my legs would not lift my body up one more step.  I found myself needing to rest for a moment and then onward. The walk along the Gorge is wet, a little muddy and uneven, but not too difficult. The stairs are separated by short walks for much of the way.

We hiked up the Gorge and walked down above the Gorge. All in all, about a two-hour hike with stops for photos and a few rests.  You don’t have to hike the whole thing.  A shuttle bus is available to take you to the top.  You can either hike up the gorge and get a ride down or get a ride up and hike down.  I think I would do the former if I wasn’t going to hike both ways. Regardless of your choice, it’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes, bring plenty of water and a camera.

For more information about the Watkins Glen, visit the Area page of our web site…


Fall is coming...


Horses In New York’s Finger Lakes

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

On the way to the Wegmans (our fabulous grocery store) the other day, I stopped just to photograph these two little horses, well one is a colt and the other… After just a few minutes, they walked right over to me and stuck their heads through the fence. They were so soft and sweet.  One tried to nibble on my shirt. Now, I am not a big fan of horses, well riding horses to be specific, but these little guys made me feel like I just might be able to do it.

Finger Lakes horses

Foals in the Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes horses

Playing around...

Finger Lakes horses

Beautiful creatures

Moments like this make shopping for the AAA Four Diamond rated 1795 Acorn Inn a joy.  Visit the Area page of our web site for more information about horseback riding in New York’s Finger Lakes.

1795 Acorn Inn Innkeeper Loves To Shop

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Your Innkeeper, Sheryl, at BJ’s, our bulk store.

What does the Innkeeper of the 1795 Acorn Inn do in that rare instance when there isn’t anyone checking into this romantic, AAA Four Diamond B & B on a warm, summer day? I go shopping. Not the kind of shopping I love to do, but it’s still shopping.

I don’t use a basket. Oh no that just wouldn’t do. I grab a flat bed and proceed to check things off the list one by one. Picking up heavy items first and placing them on the bottom. As the flat bed grows taller and taller, heavier and heavier, I have to lean to get the thing moving. Warning!  This flat bed has no brakes.  A horn on the handle would be nice.  People who have never used a flat bed like this don’t realize you have to make wide turns and that they are neither easy to get moving and conversely stop when they are loaded.

At some point, I think in the frozen food section where I am actually freezing, I debate whether I should pay for what I have, load it up in the car and come back inside to finish the list. But, determined as I am, I’m going to make it all fit. Strategically and delicately placing items on the flat bed, balancing the process so as to keep the 10-dozen eggs safe and secure. And then, finally reaching the check out line.  The cashier has to get a basket cause there is no way it’s all fitting back on the flat bed.  Okay that part is over and it’s really not that bad.

But now I am simultaneously pushing a cart and pulling a flat bed, and I have to stop and hand the person at the door the receipt.  Why?  So they can pretend to count all 58 items and make sure I didn’t get overcharged?  By the way, the total was $712.48.  Just in case you are wondering.

Now comes the time to load up the car.  Try getting all the heavy stuff off the bottom to put in the car first with all the lighter stuff on top.  It’s an art.  But, once everything is placed in the car and I’ve determined I can still see out the back, I head back toward the Inn where I am so looking forward to unloading.  17 trips from the car to the office just to get everything inside. And, another hour or so to get everything put away. Multiple trips to the basement freezer and finally I’m done.

The good and the bad news… I’ll do it all over again next month, if it lasts that long.

Learning How To Fly

Friday, July 15th, 2011

We’ve had and still have many nests around the 1795 Acorn Inn this year… on our front walk, above the light outside the Innkeeper’s entrance, in the wisteria, in the Jacuzzi pavilion, in the tree right outside the Barn Suite.  Everything from Cardinals to Phoebes to Red-Breasted Robins.

It’s been wonderful watching them grow.  And it’s been both frightening and comedic watching them learn to fly.

Here’s the last one of four red-breasted robins that left the nest. He/she didn’t want to go far and after making it to the tree, stayed long enough for me to get close and personal.

M-O-M I'm hungry



Free Weeknight

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

We are trying something new this Spring… During the months of May and June, stay two weeknights and get the third weeknight free. Today it feels like Spring has finally sprung in upstate New York’s Finger Lakes. What started as a cold and dreary day has turned into a warm and sunny slice of heaven. All we need now is some Finger Lakes wine and cheese.  It’s the perfect time to visit. See details for this Package on our web site.

Spring is Here! Spring is Here!

Friday, April 8th, 2011

When I left Canandaigua a week ago today it was 39 degrees. When I arrived in West Palm Beach it was in the high 80′s. I was looking forward to being warm… but I was hot. Needless to say, I was looking forward to being cool again when I returned mid-week. It did feel good to be back in cooler weather.  But, it felt even better to wander the gardens at the 1795 Acorn Inn and see my crocus’ were already out.

Spring is a fabulous time to visit upstate New York’s Finger Lakes.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best times.  Check out our Packages page for great values through the end of June.  It’s the best time to see our perennial gardens.  I can’t wait to see what pops up next.

Our Guests Rooms Didn’t Always Have Private Baths

Friday, April 8th, 2011


At some point in this Inn’s history, there was no internal plumbing and guests had to use the Outhouse located just outside the Hotchkiss Room. Thankfully, that was not during my time and now all our rooms and suites have private baths.







The Outhouse looks pretty small, but I supposed it may have been quite large as it had three seats.  Though no one really ever went in the Outhouse, we kept it as a reminder of how things used to be.  It made us thankful for indoor plumbing.  And, it made for pretty interesting conversation at the breakfast table.

More to come…